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"Why buy from the South Florida Tech Group?

Did you know that when you go to a retail store or online retailer, the computer you are buying is an average of 9-18 months outdated the day you buy it? Most of the units are part of a 1-year cycle made specifically for retailers. The manufacturer's often make the quality of the hardwares as low as possible to yield retailers their required larger margins. These computers also often come with bloatware – trial software that comes on the computer and randomly and aggressively tries to get you to subscribe. However, any computer that is sold here, is custom built at the time of order. Using the budget you provide, we will create a brand new computer direct from the manufacturer, with only the highest quality parts and optimized up to date software. No trial software is ever installed on the machine. The computers we design here are not available anywhere else.

All web store purchases come with free shipping, or free in person delivery within our on-site coverage area."

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